Lightweight container monitoring

Optimized and priced for container environments, and powered by anomaly detection to detect problems early.

Used by IT ops, DevOps, and sys admins to monitor containers and microservices in production.

Application transaction monitoring

Focused on transaction and code level instrumentation, for detailed troubleshooting of performance problems.

Used by developers and DevOps for deep dive analysis of code-related application performance issues.

How CoScale differs from New Relic

New Relic Alternative
Lightweight and non-intrusive

Developed specifically for containerized production environments, CoScale’s agent adds very little overhead to your systems, and runs in a non-intrusive way, without external dependencies. It does not perform byte code instrumentation, but gathers information from log files and APIs. Deep dive forensic data is only gathered when anomalies are detected, to further limit the overhead.

Anomaly detection

CoScale accelerates problem detection in large and dynamic production environments where static alerts are hard to manage. Our anomaly detection automatically detects and correlates abnormal behaviour of metrics such as increased latency or container resource usage.

Priced for containers in production

CoScale only requires one agent per host, not per container, and its pricing model is adapted for large containerized environments. This lets you monitor you entire production environment without having to worry about the financial implications. 

One integrated package

CoScale combines server monitoring, container monitoring, in-container application monitoring, end user monitoring, and analytics in one integrated package, rather than having to buy and manage the different components separately.

Custom metrics and events

CoScale lets you understand the bigger picture by making it very easy to integrate custom metrics in your dashboards. See performance in context by annotating relevant events on your timeline, for example new deployments and configuration changes.


“CoScale reduced our production monitoring cost by 50% compared to New Relic. Besides the cost reduction, we are now also able to cooperate better and solve performance issues faster. CoScale's automatic anomaly detection immediately notifies us whenever a metric behaves abnormally, whether it is page load time, server response time, or resource usage.”

Joeri Beirens, Datacenter and Infrastructure Manager
Napoleon Games

Cost-efficient monitoring for large container environments

Our customers use CoScale for monitoring their entire production environment, and detecting and isolating problems fast, using anomaly detection. This allows them to use New Relic in a more targeted way when they really need to troubleshoot code-related issues, instead of using it on all servers and containers all the time. Using CoScale as an alternative to New Relic for production monitoring can result in significant cost savings.

New Relic
Full stack server and application monitoring
included in base product
via New Relic Infrastructure and APM
Docker monitoring
included in base product
via New Relic Infrastructure
In-container monitoring
included in base product
Requires no agent inside the container
Via New Relic APM
Requires agent inside the container
Real user monitoring
included in base product
via New Relic Browser
Business metrics
included in base product
via New Relic Insights
Code level visibility
Instrumentation overhead on server
Very low
Low to medium
Event integration from deployment and marketing tools
Anomaly detection
Pricing adapted for container environments

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