Magento Performance Monitoring

As a shop owner, webmaster or developer, Magento meets your eCommerce needs.

But how closely do you monitor the performance of your Magento shop? Do you always know what's going on under the hood, and how page load times are affecting your conversion rate?  

    • Spot issues quicker and get maximum conversions with CoScale's all-in-one web performance monitoring platform.
    • See business metrics from Magento in relation to page performance and conversion.
    • Discover where you can optimize servers, databases and caching to improve shop performance.

Our customers are the ones that benefit the most from our partnership with CoScale.
The platform enables us to offer better services and to provide full & transparent visilibity
on the technical and business performance of their Magento webshop.

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Get complete visibility of the performance of your Magento shop


Benefits of using Coscale monitoring for Magento

see the relation between technical performance and business metrics

Generate more business with better performance

What counts for your shop are Magento business metrics such as number of orders, cart abandonment rate, average cart value.

Use CoScale to plot those metrics against the technical performance of your shop, and make sure your shop is not losing customers because it's too slow.

proactively solve Magento performance issues

Solve problems before customers are affected

Your shop generates a mountain of technical and business data. Let Coscale sift through millions of metrics to present you with actionable advice.

Much like a good personal assistant, it tells you what needs your attention first, depending on where the impact will be highest.

monitor Magento eCommerce in production

Monitor your shop live and in production

CoScale is light on your infrastructure, so you can use it to monitor the actual shop and not just in staging or testing. 




full stack performance monitoring

Full stack performance monitoring

CoScale monitors how your shop is doing on infrastructure, application and business level.

From webservers over database queries and caching servers, from page load times to conversion rates.

see impact of marketing events and software updates on Magento speed

Event annotations

Add flags to timeline graphs to see for example what the impact of installing a new Magento extension is on your shop, or to closely monitor the results of a marketing action.

Adding this level of context to the performance metrics really gives you a grip on your shop.

get notified of Magento performance problems that would go unnoticed

Smart analytics including anomaly detection

CoScale doesn't just bring together all the data your shop generates, it combines data from different sources and applies analytical models to the data to detect problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

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