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Monitor your full stack while keeping overhead and cost under control

Whether you are a DevOps engineer, system administrator, or IT manager, performance and availability across your entire stack is a prime concern. Monitoring is a key tool, and you prefer it to be lightweight so you can deploy it on all systems and containers without having to worry about the overhead. You also want monitoring to be cost-effective and adapted for containerized environments.
Full­ stack

Gain real­time performance insight across multiple hosts and containers using our lightweight agent with plugins for all popular web technologies. Fully integrated with container orchestrators such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, OpenShift, etc.

End­ user and business performance

Understand the impact of performance on your customers and business with integrated real user monitoring and business metrics.

Anomalies and events

Receive early warnings and solve problems faster with anomaly detection and context-­rich events.


With pricing adapted for large and containerized environments, CoScale lets you monitoring your entire production environment, eliminating blind spots.

Full stack monitoring dashboard for DevOps

"CoScale gives us more insight. We get a clear overview and can immediately act if anything is slowing down our business"

Ted van Dongen, CIO Beslist.nl

What makes CoScale different?

We are not like everyone else, and provide monitoring without the bloat.

Web performance anomaly detection in CoScale
One clear­cut and integrated package

This includes all our features: server, application, container, orchestrator and real user monitoring. You can also add unlimited business and custom metrics and events. No extra paid add-­ons, but full functionality from the start.

Lightweight and optimized for production

We stay away from intrusive code or kernel instrumentation but gather detailed metrics from log files, management interfaces and APIs, system and application level performance counters, etc. Because monitoring should not impact performance.

Built for container and microservices applications

The CoScale platform is optimized for complex microservice applications and dynamic container environments, generating many thousands of metrics per minute.

Powered by data science and analytics

Our anomaly detection continuously monitors all your metrics and automatically detects abnormal behaviour, without having to manually sift through dashboards. We are on top of it.

And of course we  offer all the features that you expect  in a monitoring tool.

Share your dashboards

Beautiful click­through dashboards with role­based access that you can customize and share with other DevOps colleagues and other departments.

Monitor all the things

A rich set of plugins for collecting performance metrics from different web and application servers, databases, message queues, caches, etc.

See performance in context

Contextual insight by gathering metrics and events from deployment and configuration management tools, online marketing and sales, etc. Plus your own custom metrics!

Easy to install

With little configuration and no external dependencies, installation is fast and straightforward. In addition, CoScale integrates with configuration management and orchestration tools to facilitate deployment in dynamic environments. 

Monitor web and application servers, databases, message queues, caches, etc

Comparison to other DevOps monitoring tools

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