Full stack container monitoring

CoScale provides an integrated platform to monitor the full stack of your containerized applications: your hosts, containers, orchestrators, up to the services running inside your containers and the impact on end users.

Service and container specific visualizations help you run your containerized applications in production with the right performance guarantees, and quickly detect performance or capacity problems before they affect end users.


Drill into your containers

CoScale goes beyond simple resource metrics and lets you monitor the performance of individual microservices and application components inside your containers, using a rich library of plug-ins and out-of-the-box dashboards for popular application stacks.

CoScale will auto-detect containers with recognized services and is therefore ideally suited to monitor dynamic containerized environments with many different application components.


Lightweight monitoring

Containers are lightweight instances, so monitoring should be lightweight too. CoScale uses one single (containerized) agent per host, adding very minimal overhead to your system and without performing application or kernel intrusive instrumentation.

We leverage APIs from Docker and various orchestrators (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Red Hat OpenShift, etc.), and combined with our lightweight plugins, this makes CoScale ideally suited to monitor large-scale containerized production systems.


Anomaly detection

CoScale provides different notifications of performance degradations, from classic static and predictive alerting to anomaly detection techniques that automatically highlight and correlate abnormal behaviour of metrics from your services and containers.

This allows you to find performance issues that could otherwise go undetected, or receive early warnings on problems before they escalate.


SaaS or on-premises

With our SaaS solution, you only need to install our lightweight agents (which takes no more than a few minutes) and all information is securely sent to and stored in our SaaS platform.

If you prefer to keep your data on site, we also offer an on-premises installation, which is fully Dockerized and therefore very easy to set up and scale.


Contextual insights

We let you see your monitoring data in context by adding metrics, events and metadata from different sources: orchestrators, config management systems, real user monitoring metrics, and custom metrics and events.

This helps you save time and valuable resources in understanding and solving performance issues in containerized environments.

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