Cron Jobs Monitoring and the Impact on Performance

Many of us are using cron jobs for scheduled tasks such as backups, emails, status checks.

Cron jobs impact the performance of your web application in many ways. 

Keep a close tab on your cron jobs (no pun intended), so you can intervene timely and minimize the impact on your application and end users.

Do you always know:

  • How many and which crons are running at any given time?
  • How long your scheduled tasks run?
  • When a cron job fails, gets stuck, or runs longer than expected?
ted van dongen cron jobs monitoring

CoScale gives us cross-company insight in cron job dependencies. Over time, different people had been adding cron jobs. It was hard to keep track of all these jobs. With CoScale, we get a clear overview of all background tasks and we can act if they are slowing down our business.

Ted van Dongen - CIO

Ensure that your cron jobs are running as expected


Why should you be monitoring cron jobs?

cron job performance

Overview of success

What counts is that your scheduled tasks run on time, and that they run successfully. CoScale watches your crons for you, so you can react to issues faster. Receive alerts when background jobs don't run timely and assess their performance impact.

web performance monitor dashboard

Guarantee performance

Background jobs running longer than expected can impact others, especially if you have jobs scheduled close to one another. By seeing the changes over time, you can act before this causes server overload or other performance problems.

cron timing

Get cron timing right

With many jobs running throughout the day it is hard to see which have the most impact on performance. With CoScale you can link performance metrics to the timing of your crons, and choose the best time to schedule them. 


General CoScale features

full stack performance monitoring

Lightweight full stack performance monitoring

Deploy our lightweight server agent with a rich library of integrations to monitor all your important application components. In addition, see the impact on your end users with our browser monitoring.

web perfomance monitoring Coscale

Custom metrics and events provide context

Add custom metrics and events to your timeline to see performance in context. Besides cron jobs, other events can also impact performance: new deployments, marketing campaigns, etc. 

Anomaly detection Coscale monitoring

Anomaly detection instead of static alerts

Solve performance problems faster with our automatic anomaly detection. Correlate anomalies with other metrics and events to assist in triage and troubleshooting.

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