Monitoring based on Prometheus endpoints in CoScale

23 August 2017 / by Frederick Ryckbosch posted in Docker, Container monitoring, Prometheus

As discussed in our previous blog post on Prometheus monitoring, we are big fans of the Prometheus endpoints, because they offer a nice and uniform way to expose metrics. In the same blog post, we also discussed some of the limitations around Prometheus and how CoScale can replace Prometheus for Docker monitoring and Kubernetes monitoring. In this blog post, we look in more detail how this can be done.

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Proactive Performance Management of OpenShift

18 August 2017 / by Peter Arijs posted in OpenShift, Container monitoring

Last month, my colleagues Frederick Ryckbosch and Samuel Vandamme faced each other for a fun and geeky OpenShift Commons webinar on proactive performance management of Red Hat OpenShift. Samuel came armed with a set of challenging questions and Frederick had CoScale's container monitoring tool fully loaded to respond. They battled around the different performance considerations of running applications on OpenShift in production, and how to fight these. 

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Prometheus Monitoring: Pros and Cons

24 July 2017 / by Frederick Ryckbosch posted in Container monitoring, Prometheus

Prometheus is a monitoring solution that gathers time-series based numerical data. It is an open-source project started at SoundCloud by ex-Googlers that wanted to monitor a highly dynamical container environment. As they were not satisfied with the traditional monitoring tools, they started working on Prometheus. Google’s monitoring system, Borgmon served as inspiration for Prometheus.

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New in CoScale 3.11: Internal Kubernetes services, new metric types and SAML SSO

17 July 2017 / by Helen De Troy posted in Releases, Container monitoring, Kubernetes, Prometheus

The CoScale development team is proud to release the new 3.11 version of CoScale. We’ve been working hard on improving performance and usability, but we found some extra time to add some cool new features. You will find small improvements all over the platform, and we would like to especially thank our customers for their continuous feedback and support in improving our platform.

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What does container-native monitoring really mean?

22 June 2017 / by Peter Arijs posted in Container monitoring

In a previous blog post, we wrote how “container-native” monitoring could help your DevOps initiatives succeed. Terms as cloud-native, container-native, etc. are thrown around frequently these days. But what do they actually mean? In this blog post, we describe what we mean by container-native monitoring.

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Why container-native monitoring is key to the success of your DevOps initiatives

15 June 2017 / by Peter Arijs posted in Container monitoring

The State of DevOps Report every year presents key findings on how DevOps practices lead to higher IT performance. The 2017 report was just released and there are some interested trends, in particular related to the impact of faster release cycles.

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Monitoring IBM Bluemix Container Service with CoScale

6 June 2017 / by Peter Arijs posted in Container monitoring, Bluemix

In this blog post we discuss how CoScale integrates with IBM Bluemix Container Service to provide full visibility of your containerized applications, as they run in production. In the sections below, we demonstrate how to set up a Kubernetes cluster in Bluemix and how to set up CoScale to monitor this cluster. As a result, with CoScale, you can proactively manage the performance of your applications hosted on IBM Bluemix Container Service.

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What does "full stack" monitoring mean for container environments?

30 May 2017 / by Peter Arijs posted in Container monitoring

In this blog post we explore the term “full stack” when applied to monitoring container environments. We discuss what are the different aspects and challenges of obtaining full stack visibility in such an environment with many moving parts.

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Container monitoring based on Docker labels

17 May 2017 / by Frederick Ryckbosch posted in Docker, Container monitoring

In this blog post, I'd like to introduce in-container monitoring based on Docker labels, giving more powers and flexibility to developers to define monitoring as part of application development. This powerful concept has also made it into our latest release of the CoScale container monitoring platform.

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Announcing new updates to the CoScale container monitoring platform

12 May 2017 / by Peter Arijs posted in Releases, Docker, OpenShift, Container monitoring, Kubernetes

During the last few weeks and months, we have upgraded the CoScale container monitoring platform with many feature additions, new technology support and other significant improvements to give you even more visibility in your container environments. Here is an overview of the most important changes.

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