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€ 50
per month / host
(billed annually)

Server, application and container monitoring: up to 20 containers / host

Real user monitoring: 100k pageviews / host

Unlimited custom metrics and events (fair use)

Unlimited data retention

Anomaly detection on all metrics



Enterprise SaaS

Many hosts or VMs? More containers per hosts? More pageviews?
We offer adapted pricing for large and hosted environments. 

Contact us for a custom quote for your environment



On-premise version for large-scale and secured environments

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How does the free trial work?

Simply sign up by providing your e-mail address. No credit card is needed. The CoScale team will get in touch to help setting up the trial. The trial allows you to test our product at no charge during 30 days.

What is included?

All our packages are full featured and all-inclusive, which means you have access to our 3 components: server and application monitoring, real user monitoring, and unlimited business and custom metrics.  Anomaly detection included on all metrics. If you do not need all components, we have custom pricing packages to fit your environment.

What is a host?

A host is one instance of an operating system. It can relate to a physical server or a VM. Containers are not counted as hosts. You can run up to 20 containers per host, and above that, custom pricing is available.

How are pageviews counted?

A pageview is a request to a page of your application on which our Javascript snippet is included. The real user monitoring component of our product will then measure the load time of your pages and its resources.  If you want to monitor a non-web application, custom pricing is available without the real user monitoring component. You can also purchase extra pageviews for high volume web sites at €10 per 100k pageviews.

What is fair use?

There are no hard limitations to the amount of custom metrics or events that you can send to our platform, as long as this is in proportion to the amount of hosts and non-custom metrics. 

Are there any limitations during the free trial?

No. You will have access to all features. You will also have unlimited page views and servers during the free trial, after which you will have a good idea about the pricing plan you need.

What happens after the free trial?

We will retain your data for a limited time during which you can decide to upgrade to our paid plan. If you choose not to upgrade we will remove your data and disable your account.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, technical support is included, either in-app (via chat), or via e-mail or phone. 

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