Docker Monitoring

Monitoring Docker and the performance of Dockerized applications can be challenging because of the large number and dynamic nature of containers, running different services. 

Containers are lightweight constructs, so you also want monitoring to be lightweight and adapted to production environments with many containers per host, and many different metrics per container.

Do you always know:

  • How many and how long containers are running?
  • What is the resources usage of your containers and servers?
  • What is going on inside your containers?
  • What is the performance impact on your application and users?
Docker Monitoring Technology Partner

CoScale not only monitors your Docker containers and their resource usage, but it also automatically recognizes the services inside your containers, and extracts in-container application metrics with a single low-overhead agent per host.

See your containers and microservices like never before


How to monitor Docker containers with CoScale?


CoScale account

Create your CoScale account

Sign up for a free trial and install our lightweight monitoring agent on the servers where your containers are hosted, as well as any other servers that you want to instrument.

Docker monitoring plugin

Enable the plugins for Dockerized applications

Our Kubernetes and Swarm plugins will collect metrics and events from your containers and clusters. Our Docker monitoring plugin lets you configure our application plugins to get performance metrics from the workloads running inside containers, with just one agent per host.

In-container monitoring of application performance

Monitor Docker and application performance

Get an overview of the performance and health of your containers side-to-side with in-container application metrics. Automatically alert on anomolous behaviour and find potential container and application bottlenecks.

Why use CoScale for Docker monitoring?

Lightweight container monitoring

Lightweight monitoring

CoScale runs one lightweight agent per host, built for production usage, with minimal overhead and no external dependencies. This makes it ideally suited for monitoring Docker containers and the associated microservices. 

Docker metrics and events

Rich metrics and events

Monitor key metrics and events such as number of containers per service, container resource usage (CPU, memory, filesystem, network), container lifecycle. In addition, gain visibility into the performance of the applications inside your containers.

Anomaly detection

Anomaly detection

Specific visualizations and anomaly detection techniques for large-scale and dynamic environments help you quickly understand abnormal container behavior, problematic microservices, and resource bottlenecks.

Besides Docker monitoring, what more does CoScale offer?

Full stack performance monitoring

Full stack monitoring

Deploy our lightweight server agent with a rich library of integrations to monitor all application components inside or outside containers. In addition, see the impact on end users with our real user monitoring.

Events integration

Events integration

Add your important events to your timeline to see performance in context. Use our event integrations to understand the impact of config changes, new deployments, container start/stop times, cron jobs, and even marketing campaigns. 

Custom metrics

Custom metrics

Next to technical performance metrics, also see the impact on the metrics that matter most to you. Use our rich support for custom metrics to include business and application specific metrics.

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