CoScale wins "Most Innovative" Red Hat Partner Award

10 March 2017 / by Peter Arijs posted in Events, conferences and talks, News

We are thrilled to announce that CoScale has won the "Most Innovative" partner award at the 2017 Red Hat Partner Awards. The award was handed out by Luc Van Overmeiren, Manager Partners and Alliances, to Stijn Polfliet, CEO CoScale, at the Red Hat Partner Awards yesterday evening March 9th in Ghent, Belgium.

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Making sense of container metrics

3 March 2017 / by Helen De Troy posted in Releases, Container monitoring

Container adoption is on the rise. As we’ve seen in our most recent Docker monitoring webinar, 38% of the participants are already using Docker in production and 19% in development and staging environments. This growing trend is pushing the market into finding ways to address their need for container performance monitoring.

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Monitoring Google Container Engine with CoScale

8 February 2017 / by Samuel Vandamme posted in Container monitoring

Google Container Engine provides a managed Kubernetes platform to host your containers without the need of setting up your own Kubernetes cluster. Google provides the expertise of managing a Kubernetes cluster and supplies a load balanced master service for increased stability. Kubernetes has Services, Replication Controllers, managed mounts and auto scaling to keep your containers running and healthy. The Google Cloud Platform is also tightly coupled with other services from Google like Container Registry, Persistent Disk and Cloud Load Balancing.

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CoScale 3.3 - Web requests dimensions, new installation flow and enhanced support for Redhat OpenShift

3 January 2017 / by Samuel Vandamme posted in Releases

Another year, another batch of CoScale features and improvements. This is the first release in our continuous effort to improve usability and expand on the features introduced with Metrics 2.0. We introduce dimensions for Web requests, a new installation flow and improved support for Redhat OpenShift.

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Press Release: CoScale partners with BoxBoat Technologies to bring best of breed Docker monitoring to the U.S. market

12 December 2016 / by Peter Arijs posted in News

CoScale, a leader in monitoring software for containers and microservices, today announced that it has partnered with BoxBoat Technologies, a premier Docker consulting partner based in Bethesda, MD, to provide enterprises end-to-end visibility into the performance of their Dockerized applications.

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CoScale 3.2 - Introducing Active Service Checks

30 November 2016 / by Samuel Vandamme posted in Releases

With the release of CoScale 3.2 we’ve added a new powerful feature to calculate the uptime and performance of your services. CoScale Active Service Checks are one shot commands that are run every minute to test service uptime and availability. You can see them as quick health checks of your services.

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Data science fun @ Velocity Amsterdam

18 November 2016 / by Bart De Vylder posted in Technology, Events, conferences and talks

Last week I gave a hands-on Python data science workshop at Velocity Amsterdam together with my colleague Pieter Buteneers. The purpose was to introduce techniques for visualizing large datasets, finding correlations between metrics, applying machine learning, anomaly detection, and data forecasting . With 54 active participants and quite some positive feedback I think it was a success (but I might be biased) and I would like to share some of our experiences and the tools we used.

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Monitoring OpenShift on Azure with CoScale

3 November 2016 / by Peter Arijs posted in OpenShift, Container monitoring

As containers are becoming the preferred way to rapidly build and deploy applications, organizations are also starting to look at managed platforms to host their containerized applications. Red Hat OpenShift is a popular choice as it provides an enterprise-grade container platform based on Docker and Kubernetes in a variety of consumption models, from fully hosted to on-premises. For enterprises that don’t want to bother with an on-premises installation, but still want a private OpenShift instance, hosting on Microsoft Azure is an interesting alternative.

In this blog post we will explain how to monitor an OpenShift environment on Azure, using a private CoScale instance on Azure. This is the result of a partnership between CoScale, Microsoft and Red Hat, which was also presented at the Web Summit online masterclass on November 3rd 2016.

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How to monitor Red Hat OpenShift with CoScale

3 November 2016 / by Samuel Vandamme posted in OpenShift, Container monitoring

Redhat OpenShift is one of the many new technologies currently being built for container management and orchestration. It builds upon Kubernetes and Docker to give developers and system administrator a user friendly way to build, deploy and manage container environments. It offers a clear web interface which contains all the tools required to host your own application on Kubernetes. This includes building and hosting of your images, resource management, container management, load balancing, basic monitoring and all this is structured around the concept of applications.

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New partnerships and accolades for container monitoring

13 October 2016 / by Peter Arijs

On this blog, we mainly keep you informed about product and technology updates, but every now and then we also like to share some other exciting news with you. In this case, we want to give you a short update on recent partnerships and accolades.  

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